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plate of food and shoes at kunafas

Taste the Globe in these Two Ontario Cities

One of our favourite things about living in Ontario is the diverse cuisine available to us here! From Indian and Mexican fare to Polish, Guyanese and everything in between, there are many ways to connect and experience culture through food.

Think you’d like to make your next getaway all about exploring these cuisines? We love that. Can we come?

We recommend heading to Mississauga or London to start exploring your options.

Don’t feel like reading it all? No worries. Skip ahead!

Which to Choose:  Mississauga or London?

First of all, we’d never recommend choosing. Life is about balance so why not do both?! If you absolutely have to though, here are a few things to consider.

Mississauga is well located just minutes from the Toronto Pearson Airport. Close to Toronto, it’s easy to get to and offers up loads of both chic and laid-back restaurants perfect for exploring a bunch of cuisines in a concentrated area. On top of that, it offers views of Lake Ontario, excellent coffee shops and quiet neighbourhoods to kick back in.

London is nestled along the Thames River in Southern Ontario and is perfect for those looking to round out their trip with a concert (it’s Canada’s first UNESCO City of Music) or a sporting event (home of the London Knights and London Lightning ). It’s also home to some really cool hands-on experiences and a great craft beverage scene.  

Still not sure which to pick? Perhaps these tantalizing dining options will help your palette decide.

Enjoy a World of Flavour in Mississauga

When it comes to tasting the globe, these spots in Mississauga are absolute can’t-misses.

Karak Stuffed Naan & Chai Café

Where: 10 Kingsbridge Garden Circle, Mississauga, ON. (View Map)

grid of two photos: on the left two chais shot from above and on the right, zain holding. a chai

Step into the dining area of Karak and be greeted by a beautiful u-shaped bar, gorgeous high ceilings and a relaxing atmosphere perfect for sipping a cup of chai and taking some deep breaths.

This Pakistani fusion restaurant offers over 30 stuffed naan options that include everything from traditional naans like achari chicken and dum keema to fusion-based naans that bring in other cultures as well like Kansas BBQ Chicken Naan and Philly Cheese Steak Melt. They even have a list of vegetarian and dessert naans too!

Our favourite part of the menu is their list of decadent chais. Order up a traditional Kashmiri Chai- a luscious pink colour that is creamy with flavours of cardamom, cloves and anise and is toped with crushed pistachio nuts.

Perhaps you’re in the mood for something more refreshing? Their Marrakesh Mint Green Chai is a largely flavourful “gun powder tea” topped off with peppermint and their Unicorn Punch uses butterfly pea to make this mango-coconut concoction a beautiful blue colour.

Bao Sandwich Bar

Where: 4310 Sherwoodtowne Blvd #5, Mississauga, ON. (View Map)

overhead shot of bao bar meal - bao buns and duck poutine

Put your hand up if you’re kind of obsessed with baos! For the record, we have both hands up. Originating in Chinese cuisine, these baos are in “gua bao” style- a dish that originated in China and later spread to other parts of Asia including Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and beyond. With some kind of protein sandwiched between a steamed bun it is a delightful explosion of textures and tastes.

Bao Sandwich Bar is a must-stop in Mississauga for creative and mouth-watering baos as well as fun sides like Seoul kimchi fires, Korean-style wings, and Dynasty Duck Poutine (it’s as decadent and delicious as it sounds).

We’re a big of their chicken katsu bao (which brings Japanese-style fried chicken into the mix), Thai Yum Pork bao with roasted pork belly and spicy mayo and the sriracha tofu bao for a mix of sweet and spicy.

Finally, top it all off with their signature peach iced tea or a Vietnamese style coffee and Bob’s your uncle.


Where: 3058 Hurontario St A, Mississauga, ON. (View Map)

plate of food and shoes at kunafas

This plaza-based stop is seriously a hidden gem (although maybe a little less hidden since Suresh Doss wrote about it)! Specializing in knafehs, you will not regret a visit here.

What is Knafeh you asked? It’s a popular dessert throughout the Middle East (originating in either Egypt or the Arabian Peninsula) that is made with a spun pastry. This pastry is soaked in a sugary syrup and then layered with cheese and pistachios. You need to try it and expect a great cheese pull.

box of baked goods from kunafa's

Topped with more syrup and served warm, it’s the ultimate treat. Still hungry? We also recommend grabbing a Bourma while you’re there. This is made in a similar way as the pastry is in a rolled version but then filled with Kashta cream and topped with that same syrup and pistachio mix. Man, now we really want one…

Masrawy Egyptian Kitchen

Where: 2275 Britannia Rd W Units 1, Mississauga, ON. (View Map)

In the heart of Mississauga, you need to try Masrawy. Dishing out some serious Egyptian flavours, it’s like jetting off to Egypt without having to pack your bags! This place is all about diving deep into the rich, vibrant world of Egyptian cuisine.

Let’s talk shop. The menu here is definitely one to delight over. We love their Mama Molekheya- a warm, green soup made with slow cooked mallow leaves and topped with roasted garlic and coriander served alongside a tiny mountain of rice- yum!

overhead shot of somebody holding a dish of food at masrawy kitchen over more food

Love an eggplant? Us too. Try the Mussaka Masri which is essentially fried eggplant and spiced garlic peppers seasoned with tomato sauce and served with warm balady bread. It’s comfort in a dish and one made perfect for sharing.

On top of it all, Maswray has an amazing, welcome vibe that hits you with warmth and that famous Egyptian hospitality. So, what are you waiting for?

Kerala Curry House

Where: 5120 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON. (View Map)

overhead shot of spread at Kerala's

Recently touted by Matty Matheson as home to “THE DANKEST BEEF CURRY”, Kerala Curry House in Mississauga is quickly gaining acclaim for their authentic South Indian eats. Looking to offer up real home cooking that includes everything from breads and soups to biryanis, dosas and more, you’ll feel comforted in your heart right through your belly!

Dive head first into their paneer pakora or peanut masala. Snack on marinated chicken with grated coconut and hot spices, beef dry fry and kizhi porotta- an egg masala stuffed in a flaked Indian bread and steamed under a banana leaf. Seriously…this is just the start. You’re going to want to check it out for yourself!

The Food District

Where: 100 City Centre Dr, Mississauga, ON. (View Map)

Korean corn dog and pasta at The Food District

If all that wasn’t enough, wait until you visit the Food District at Square One. This is far from your average mall food court. Home to 25 different artisans and eateries plus pop-ups every single week, it’s the perfect spot to try a bunch of different cuisines in one place. Now- where do you start?

We recommend starting with a Jamaican patty from Patties Express and enjoying it as you scope out the other stalls and vendors. Don’t miss out on the mozzarella Korean corn dog from My My Chicken topped with spicy mayo and honey mustard (the cheese pull is unbelievable) or get a creative ice cream from Sweet Jesus.

Two women walking together in the Food District in Mississauga Square One

Still hungry? Daaang. Good for you! Grab some scorpion wings or Mexican street corn from La Carnita!

We’re really just scraping the tip of the iceberg folks so feel free to wander the stalls and really take it all in. Plus, keep an eye on the events and different pop-ups happening.

Discover London’s Hidden Gems to Unlock a World of Flavour

Down south, London, Ontario is strutting its stuff, serving up a smorgasbord of global goodies. Whether you’re craving Portuguese perfection, Nepalese nibbles, Nigerian nosh, or something else entirely, your taste buds are in for a wild ride. Read on for our top must-try spots!

Yaya’s Kitchen

Where: 630 Dundas St, London, ON. (View Map)

Portrait shot of man in kitchen at Yaya's Kitchen

Run by Maryam and Melvin Wright, Yaya’s Kitchen celebrates and fuses the unique cuisines of the global Black population, from South America to all across Africa, by crafting culinary experiences that bring people together over food.

Located in London’s Old East Village, the historical home of the London Black Community, Yaya’s Kitchen provides a look into culture through food, music, decor and just about every aspect of their curated experience.

Closeup of brushing meet at Yaya's Kitchen

Served up in Supper Club style, guests join together at a long table and savour a carefully crafted tasting menu that is enjoyed tapas-style. Maryam and Melvin will guide you through the evening, bringing out ingredients to delight your senses, teaching you about the cuisine along the way!

Ready to go? Book your table!  


Where: 175 Wortley Rd, London, ON. (View Map)


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Wander through charming Wortley Village to find this hidden gem of Asian fusion cuisine. Set up in an old house, Sagi offers charm and flavour in spades. In the warmer temps, grab a seat on the patio and kick back with a cocktail as you do a little people-watching in the village.

A little rainy? No worries, the dining room is cozy and inviting too! Just make sure to call ahead and make a reservation.

So what’s up with the menu? Good question. First of all, it’s delicious. We love their Soba Dan Dan with ground pork, soba buckwheat noodles and a mix of Szechuan chili oil alongside fresh veggies like bok choy and green onions. The Khao So brings out flavours of Northern Thailand with coconut curry, vermicelli noodles, chicken thighs, crispy noodles and mustard greens.

Pair it up with one of those aforementioned cocktails (we love the Indigo Gin Lavender Rosé Sour) or an Ontario beer from the likes of Godspeed, Storm Stayed (a London fav), Merit, Slake or Blood Brothers among others.

The OEV Dumpling Trail

Where: Old East Village (View Map)

dunking a green dumpling in sauce

Want to globetrot without leaving the neighbourhood? Enter the Old East Village Dumpling Trail – it’s like speed dating, but with dumplings. And trust us, it’s love at first bite.

With seven stops through out Old East Village you can try everything from Nepalese momos nestled into the Western Fairground Farmers’ Market to authentic Italian panzerotti bites, Chinese dumplings, Vietnamese wonton soup and so much more!

So where should you start? Well if you ask us, those pierogies at Unique Food Attitudes cannot be missed. With savoury or strawberry dessert pierogies on deck, these are worth the drive alone! Pair it up with a bowl of their Zurek soup (Thursdays only) or grab a Polish Plate which pairs them with a home made cabbage roll. YUM.

Let’s talk momos. Celebrating this staple of Nepal and Tibet, Momos at the Market‘s momos are made with local flour and stuffed with your choice of chicken pork or veggies. Ordering them hot at the market? Awesome! It comes served with a warm tomato, garlic and coriander sauce and you can also check out their other dishes like their 3-egg masala breakfast platter, Khaja Himalayan granola and more.

So get out there and find a dumpling (or two, or three, or 35).


Where: Hylands Centre, 1737 Richmond St #102, London, ON. (View Map)

Table spread at Yasmine's

Take your taste buds on a trip to Lebanon at Yasmine’s! With classic Mediterranean dishes like vegetarian grape leaves, garlic labneh and grilled halloumi served up alongside flavours you might not have tried like levatine salmon and cheese jibneh, you’re going to want to snuggle yourself under a blanket of flavours that come with every dish.

Savour and share (or don’t) kebab and mezza platters, hummus and shawarma as you enjoy time with friends and fam. Each bite is a flirtation with flavour- a culinary wink that’s both sophisticated and sassy.

Marienbad Restaurant

Where: 122 Carling St, London, ON. (View Map)

You’ll feel like you stepped back in time as you walk into this restaurant named after a city in the Czech Republic close to the borders of Germany and Austria. A hidden London gem since the 1970s and taking up home in the historic London Free Press building, this underdog is a must-try. Looking at the menu though, it’s more than the historic charm that will dazzle you.

Dive head first into rich European flavours like wiener schnitzle, Hungarian goulash, chicken paprikash on a bed of haluksa (small noodle dumplings) and more. Let these hearty dishes wash over your palette in all their comforting glory as you sip on a cold pilsner or full bodied red.

Sweet tooth? Top it all off with a specialty coffee and their signature Marienbad Bombe which features brandied fruits scooped on top!

Enjoy Your Tasty Travels

We hope you enjoy your tasty travels no matter where you land in the province. Take time to connect to different cultures, learn a little and of course, try something new!