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London, Ontario
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London, Ontario‘s culinary landscape is a thrilling adventure for foodies, where every bite tells a delicious story. The range of styles and culinary offerings reflect London’s rich cultural diversity and shared desire for quality food experiences. The landmark restaurants and indie cafés distinguish themselves with ethnic authenticity and tradition, with an emphasis on using Southwestern Ontario’s regional flavours and ingredients.

The restaurant scene has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, with a growing array of award-winning establishments and celebrated chefs earning accolades for their contributions to the city’s culinary renaissance. By embracing both local and international flavors, from Thai and Italian to Indian and African, London’s dining establishments reflect its culturally diverse population. There’s also delicious vegan and vegetarian options for all to enjoy.

In addition to London’s decorated restaurants, local innovators are developing culinary experiences that transcend the standard 3-course dinner. Yaya’s Kitchen, a curated supper club, is an award-winning embodiment of this movement. Co-owner Malvin Wright encourages diners to “not just eat the food, but taste it”, as Yaya’s masterfully crafts 7-10 courses, each packed with storytelling flavours of the global black food experience.

Other culinary journeys include “Ride the Bine” and the “OEV Dumpling Trail”. The first being a tour winding through breweries, wineries and other local beverage havens, promising a sip of the region’s finest libations. The latter is a self-guided, 7-stop tour through London’s Old East Village, where you can savor dumplings from around the world, from Polish pierogis to Nepali Momos, each with their own distinctive style.

London can boast having two outstanding community markets, the daily Covent Garden Market and The Market at Western Fair District on Saturdays and Sundays. There are other great seasonal markets as well, and of course, one of the best seasonal producer-only farmers’ markets in Ontario is at the Covent Garden Market, outdoors on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The local craft beer movement continues to flourish, bringing new flavours and innovation, with customers that are loyal to not only the product offerings, but the brewers themselves. These forward-thinking craft breweries are creating meaningful and lasting on-site experiences between brands and consumers, proven by the increased popularity of tap rooms offering beer tastings, flights, games and community interaction.

When London celebrates food, they celebrate it big. Each year an ever-expanding list of cultural food festivals brings together visitors from across Ontario and beyond. The newly introduced Lucky Lion Night Market is an Asian food celebration with over 100 unique items to try, while celebrations like the International Food Festival covers tastes from around the globe. Covent Garden Market is especially alive in the summer with a nonstop lineup of flavourful festivals such as Taco Fest, Pizza Fest, the Colombian Gastronomy Festival and the recent fan favourite, Jerk Fest.

Whether you’re interested in attending one of the iconic food festivals, shopping at one of the specialty food shops or farmers’ markets or just want to explore the unique food and drink scene, we hope you’ll enjoy the vast choice of food-focused options, offering a taste of London’s “Local Flavour.”


Set aside some time to visit and tour Toboggan Brewing Company on Richmond Street and the 519 Kitchen. Pick up a growler (or two) of your favorite from their tasting flight.

Dinner means a stop in at Garlic’s of London. They serve internationally and seasonally inspired rustic cuisine all themed around our favorite allium bulb: garlic! To maintain the restaurant’s high standards, the kitchen staff has built longstanding relationships with the local suppliers that include Steelhead Food, Munro Honey, Frisa Farms, Clear Creek Farms, Heeman’s, Edesia Fine Foods, John’s Fruit and Vegetables, and London Quality Dairy.

For cocktails and nibbles, head to Craft Farmacy. Indulge in small bites or slurp oysters from their raw bar while sipping creative cocktails like the Greenhouse – a mix of Vodka, Mint & Lemon Verbena Shrub Lime and Ginger Beer.

When looking to recharge, our first stop is always Plant Matter Kitchen – a popular eatery offering an array of organic, plant-based eats & draft brews in a bright, airy space.

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