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5 Spots Foodies Need to Visit in Mississauga

Mississauga is known as a culture of many cultures and we love that! That’s why we took a recent opportunity to visit this metropolis and see what all the foodie fuss was about.

Spoiler alert: the hype is real.

5 Delicious Spots to Discover in Mississauga

Read on for our rundown of five spots to check out if you’re a foodie (or just want to eat something really delicious) next time you’re in Mississauga.

Back Road Coffee Roasters

Where: 133 Queen St. E. Mississauga, ON. (View Map)

A grid of two photos from Back Road Coffee Roasters. On the left, Zain enjoying a coffee and on the right, the barista serving at the counter.

Coffee lovers rejoice in the coziest of cozy cafés. Located in oh-so-adorable Creditville (a suburb of Mississauga), Back Road Coffee Roasters is the perfect way to start your day!

With a great patio for warm days and an inviting interior, step right up to the counter and place your order. We enjoyed a classic cortado and a more adventurous upside-down pumpkin spiced iced latte- a seasonal brew with espresso concentrate pumpkin spice blend, milk and ice.

Their counter full of delicious baked goods was definitely a no-brainer for us too. With a croissant and pain au chocolat in hand, we grabbed a table in the back seating area where we had a view through the glass doors of the roastery and enjoyed our bevies.

Before you go in all your caffeinated glory, be sure to check out Back Road’s selection of cold brews, coffee concentrates and syrups. They make it easy to be your own barista at home.

Time to next stop: 10 mins drive


Where: 3058 Hurontario St. A. Mississauga, ON. (View Map)

Hands holding out two kunafas and a kunafa roll

Kunafa’s is a hidden gem worth the drive alone. Recently added as a must-stop on the Mississauga Eat Here with Suresh Doss Passport, don’t be surprised to find it lined up out the door.

So what exactly is a Kunafa? Also known as Knafeh, Konafi, Kunafeh and by a few other names, it’s a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with spun pastry, gooey cheese and drizzled in attar (a sugar-based syrup).

Enjoyed throughout the Middle East from Egypt to Syria and beyond, it’s no wonder why the popular dessert destination is gaining favour among new Canadians looking for a taste of home.

In Canada of course, these ones are topped with maple syrup for a perfect melding of two cultures. They’re served warm and the smell is unreal. Seriously, we’re salivating like Pavlov’s dog just thinking about our next one.

Time to next stop: 8 mins drive

Bao Sandwich Bar

Where: 4310 Sherwoodtowne Blvd. #5, Mississauga, ON. (View Map)

overhead shot of two baos and duck poutine on checkered paper

Grab a booth or order for takeout but trust us, you don’t want to miss these baos.

We recommend ordering the chicken katsu, pork belly and the dynasty duck- three of the restaurant’s most popular baos to get a true sense of the place. We loved how rich the duck was as it fell apart completely in our mouths in garlic mayo goodness.

The pork belly, in the opposite direction, was crystally and while it too fell apart, the flavours were completely different to keep us on our toes.

Top it all off with a duck poutine (why not?) and their specialty peach iced tea!

Time to Next Stop:  13 mins drive

Karak Mississauga

Where: 10 Kingsbridge Garden Cir. Mississauga, ON. (View Map)

zain drinking a pink chai tea with his pinky out

Need to calm that tummy down a little? We have just the thing. Karak Mississauga (previously known as Naan and Chai) is located inside a business centre in an unassuming building.

Step inside though and you’ll be greeted by a beautiful dining room complete with a long and elegant bar. Their selection of chai teas is the perfect way to wind down a little.

Looking for a creamy signature chai? Order up the Kashmiri chai- a rosy-hued tea that’s creamy, flavourful and comes topped with crushed pistachio nuts. If something a little more traditional is your thing, order the saffron karak chai for a simple tea with notes of saffron and cardamom.

If creamy tea isn’t what you’re in the mood for, check out the Marrakesh mint green chai- a Moroccan staple made with green “gun-powered tea” and a hint of spearmint.

Time to next stop: 6 mins drive

The Wilcox Gastro Pub

Where: 30 Eglington Ave. W. Unit 14, Mississauga, ON. (View Map)

overhead shot of the blistered shishito peppers, oysters and pumpkintini at the wilcox

Ready for an evening out? The Wilcox Gastro Pub strikes a balance between upscale dining and laid-back vibes for their dining experience.

Cozy on in and be sure to order up a cocktail off their list of options. From classics like negronis and old fashioneds to zero-proof options like their winter mojitos- there are lots of drinks to be had.

We enjoyed a seasonal pumpkintini and their zero-proof Spiced Orchard with apple cider, ginger beer, soda, lime and spiced syrups.

Time to think food. Bring your appetite and a friend or two because this spot is best for sharing. Oysters are sort of a big deal here. Serving up the very approachable Malpeque oyster, these bad boys are served alongside gin cocktail sauce, apple mignonette and of course, your classic horseradish.

What else should you order? We recommend the blistered shishito peppers (seriously, you can’t go wrong) and the Wilcox Jerk. This half-jerk chicken is served alongside coconut rice and peas, a creamy coleslaw, fried plantain and a sauce that is creamy and savoury.

Enjoy Eating Your Way through Mississauga

So there you have it! Five delicious spots to enjoy eating your way through in Mississauga.

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