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Your new favorite wine is actually a cider

Wine and cider have a lot in common. Both are the result of fermenting fruit that takes a full year to grow. They’re also both complex and require a skilled hand to master. They’re also very food friendly sippers.

Lately, a growing number of cider producers are blurring the boundaries between wine and cider by creating hybrids – sometimes called vinous ciders. It’s a trend we can definitely get behind. Many people spend a lot of time debating whether a cider is a wine and visa versa, but if we’re honest with you, we don’t really care. Both are delicious and if these hybrids prove anything, it’s that they’re actually better together!

Here are three Ontario grown and made wine cider hybrids we’re looking to start sipping this season.


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Revel Cider in Guelph, ON

Winkle is a blend of De Chaunac and cherry cider. This bevvie is wild fermented with zero added sugar. It’s also vegan. It drinks like a light Syrah with lots of blackberries and a few pepper notes. We love that’s it’s available in short cans!


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Apple Cider Rose

Shiny Apple Cider in Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

This easy sipper is made from blending Ontario craft cider and pinot noir from Small Talk Vineyards. It’s quite mellow and surprisingly tart, giving a whole new meaning to #roseallday.

Oracle 2019

West Avenue Cider in Flamborough, ON

This is probably the most ambitious of our cider suggestions. It’s made with a blend of Niagara Vidal, Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah and Ontario-grown Russet apples. For those who know about wine, you’ll be delighted to hear it’s made using the charmat method, before being filtered and bottled. It’s a collaboration with Nyarai Cellers in Niagara and promises notes of fresh strawberries and vanilla – like summer in a glass.

Want more cider more often? Check out the Ontario Craft Cider Association.

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