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Wine Slushies, they’re a thing and we love them

Years ago, our minds were blown by a simple and delicious creation at Hinterland Wine Co: the sparkling wine slushie. They would add a little peach juice to give it a Bellini vibe, but it was perfect. While they’re rarely on offer at the County winery anymore, we’ve been obsessed with wine slushies ever since.

The wine slushie that started it all! Pictured at Hinterland Wine Company in South Eastern Ontario.

If you’re in need of a way to cool off this summer, look no further than the Ontario VQA wine slushie – ideally enjoyed on a sunny winery patio in Southern Ontario.

Hidden away in Niagara-on-the-Lake, the Ice House Winery is a small venue with delicious things to offer. Specializing in everything ice wine, they serve up ice wine slushies called ‘N’ice Slushies’. Ice wine makes a particularly delicious slushie because it’s sugar content is so high, so the flavour really comes through. Think of it like an adult snow cone!

If ‘frozé’ is more your style, visit the folks at Dark Horse Estate Winery in Huron County. This Feast On Certified winery serves up rosé and white wine slushies to guests on their sprawling patio outside of Grand Bend all summer long. They’ve also got a food truck on site serving classic like pulled pork poutine and locally-raised turkey burgers.

The team at Pondview at Bella Terra in Niagara-on-the-Lake, also offer up seasonal slushies – including a popular red, white and blue version on Memorial Day weekend. Their neighbors, De Simone Vineyards have also jumped on board. They offer up three flavoured versions including a Tropical Riesling Twist, Summer Strawberry Rosé ad Fuzzy Peach. Enjoy them on the patio next to one of their firepits!

Have you enjoyed an Ontario VQA wine slushie not mentioned? Let us know where and we’ll add it to the list!