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Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Feast On®

Earth Day is just a few short days away and we have several partners celebrating in big ways and in many cases, you can celebrate with them!

While eating local is always a smart choice for people and the planet, here are a few extra special ways to celebrate and a few of our partners going the extra mile.

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Drink Earth-Friendly Beer at GoodLot Farm & Farmstead Brewing Co.

Where: 18825 Shaws Creek Rd. Alton, ON.  (View Map)

When: Now while supplies last

grid of two photos of tree hug beer (one being heald around a tree and the other a closeup of the label)

When it comes to sustainability and regeneration, GoodLot really is leading the charge. Located on an organic farm where they grow all their own hops (8 varieties to be exact) and also practice feeding the soil to increase biology, minimal tillage, soil coverage, no chemical usage and rotational livestock grazing for better land health.

From a brewing perspective, aside from using 100% Ontario grown hops (wow!), they brew in a renovated converted barn that is airtight and powered by 20kW of solar power!

So really, anytime you crack open a can of GoodLot, you’re supporting a better more sustainable future. Want to go the extra mile? You’re in luck. For Earth Day, the folks at GoodLot have partnered up with Credit Valley Conservation Area and Wilder Climate Solutions for the release of their Tree Hug beer.

What’s so special about it? It’s made with 100% maple sap (no water added, sap replaces it!)  and 100% of net proceeds are being donated to the Credit Valley Conservation. How cool is that? It’s available while supplies last so don’t miss out!

Candlelight Celebration at Coconut Lagoon

Where: 853 St. Lauren Blvd. Ottawa, ON. (View Map)

When: April 22

Coconut Lagoon is rolling out the green carpet on Earth Day with a 6-course candlelight dinner with an all-vegan menu.

Think Vada Sambar Chutney, a jackfruit and saya biryani and more dishes that balance succulent and sweet.

Want in on this? Book your table before it fills up!

Eco Tours at Arrowwood Farm & Events

Where: 6460 Riverside Dr. Melbourne, ON. (View Map)

When: April 20th, Eco tours at 10:30 am, 2pm and 5:30pm

aerial shot of arrowwood farms

Located on a beautiful, sprawling blueberry farm, Arrowwood Farms hosts events and welcomes visitors to the farm to meet the livestock, try their famous blueberry pies and more!

This Saturday, April 20th, they’re inviting folks out to the farm (pack your rubber boots) for a look into the sustainability initiatives of the farm. You’ll stroll through the beautiful Carolinian forest, do a little bird identification and if you’re on the 10am or 2pm tour- enjoy a little blueberry treat!

When you’re done, you can enjoy some reduced pricing on their ecologically grown frozen blueberries. Arrowwood Farm will also be hosting a dinner on the farm that evening but it’s already sold out! If you missed out, be sure to check out their website for more upcoming events!

Rewilding at Springfield Farm Organics

Where: 18709 County Rd. 25, Apple Hill, ON. (View Map)

Eleanor standing with her apple tree seedling in what will be a full orchard on Apple Hill

Since becoming the stewards of Springfield Farm in 2014, Eleanor and Finbarr McGrath have transitioned to organic farming, embracing regenerative practices. Now, they are moving towards a “rewilding” project across much of their property.

So what does that look like? They are presently working on planting native plants and re-establishign their windbreaks which have been decimated by invasive species like the Ash borer beetle and the impact of ice storms.

Over the past five years, with the help of volunteers and family, they have successfully planted over 2500 native species trees, ranging from sugar maples and oaks to their own heritage apple trees from pips.

Want to check it out for yourself? If you’re local, you can sign up for their CSA program. If not, stay tuned for their upcoming events this season including their always highly-anticipated Field & Feast.

Support Your Local Bees at Ontario Honey Creations

Where: 938343 Airport Rd. Mulmur, ON. (View Map)

When: Year-round

Honeybees play a vital role in pollinating trees and flowers that support insects, mammals and birds- all the way up the food chain. Without pollination from insects, especially honeybees, many different ecosystesm that support our planet will collapse. Did you know that it’s estimated 1 out of every 3 bites we take depends on honey bee pollination? Now that’s buzzworthy!

Our Feast On® partners at Ontario Honey Creations’ honeybees can be found buzzing around and pollinating gardens, forests, trees, meadows and more through out the GTA, Headwaters and the Rouge Valley.

The cool aprt? The approach to harvesting here isn’t just about the honey. The honest is harvested sustaibaly withonly the surplus being taken to ensure the buzzing workforce stays well-fed. Using eco-friendly packaging to boot, you can feel good about trying this honey!

Ready to go? You can order online, visit their store or take part in an epic beekeeping experience or mead tasting on site! Heck, you can even bottle your own honey.

Staff Clean Up with Little Mushroom Catering

Where: Check out the lounge in Cambridge or local events for their catering!

dish plated by little mushroom catering

Little Mushroom Catering is one of our Feast On® partners going the extra mile. On April 22nd, the staff at Little Mushroom Catering will be rolling up their sleeves for an hour of time outdoors spent picking up trash and cleaning up Mother Nature.

You can support them (and in turn the planet) by ordering their catering services for your next event or by checking out the Little Mushroom Catering Lounge!

Happy Earth Day!

We hope you have a great day of local deliciousness. Remember, every bit of food you can swap for local makes a difference.