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close up of the tomato toast at the marilynne

Top Places for Breakfast in Grey County, Ontario

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and while we don’t exactly know who “they” are, we tend to agree. When it comes to breakfast in Grey County– these folks have it on lock. Think farm-raised pork for the best bacon around, ooey gooey baked goods and so much more.

Where To Grab Breakfast in Grey County

So, want to know our fav spots for breakfast in Grey? Keep reading for the full list.

1. Two Sisters Inn

Where: 86 Toronto St N, Markdale, ON. (View Map)

overhead shot of breakfast including a mini quiche, bowl of strawberries, two croissants and coffee

You’ll have to stay the night to take advantage of this delightful breaky but trust us, it’s so worth it. Located in Markdale, Two Sisters Inn offers up a massively relaxing stay in a bright and beautiful home. Wake up feeling refreshed and before you rush out the door, enjoy a breakfast prepared by one of the sisters herself- Cynthia.

While it’s bound to change slightly between stays, Cynthia’s spread is pretty darn unbelievable. Let’s talk bacon…because why wouldn’t that be first? Serving up crispy, thick-cut maple bacon from Sideroad Farm, this is the perfect side that totally steals the show. It’s got real main character energy.

Located just down the road, Sideroad Farms offers up organically-grown produce, artisinal chicken and yeah- this bacon. You can visit and check out their 60-acre family farm.

On top of the bacon (because breakfast can’t be just that…can it?), Cynthia whips up some epic mini quiches, coffee (of course), baked goods from a local baker (croissants, scones pain au chocolat) and serves it all up with a side of spicy tomato ketchup and raspberry jam from nearby Manning Canning. We were lucky to also enjoy the last Niagara peaches of the season and some seasonal local strawberries while we were there.

What are you waiting for? Book your room and while you’re at it…check out this Grey County itinerary.

2. Marilynne

Where: 19 Toronto St N, Markdale, ON. (View Map)

overhead shot of mushroom tartlet, pulled pork eggs benedict and tomato toast with poached egg at the marilynne

Marilynne is a self-proclaimed “farm-focused restaurant in the heart of Grey County” and we tend to agree with that description. Their menu offers up comforting, homey goodness that will make you miss your mom (you should really call her by the way).

While you can visit for dinner Thursday to Monday, we recommend checking out the brunch Friday through Saturday and really leaning into the weekend.

So, what’s on the menu? Well for starters, you need to try the pulled pork eggs benny. Think that signature hollandaise sauce topping runny eggs and melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork. Gah, trust us. It’s all you need.

Moreover, for those who prefer something a little lighter, the tomato on toast sounds simple but really is a game-changer. Think marinated tomatoes on crispy toast with a whipped cheese all topped with a poached egg and a little more cheese (for good measure). Grab a cappucino and some crispy farm potatoes to go along the side and Bob’s your uncle (although we heard he goes by Robert).

3. Boho Beaver

Where: 687139, Side Rd 19, Kimberley, ON. (View Map)

maple syrup being poured over pancakes and fruit outside one of the cabins at boho beaver

DIY is the name of the game here and once again, you’ll have to stay the night to take full advantage. Boho Beaver provides cozy and bohemian-style cabins for folks to stay at in the heart of beautiful Beaver Valley. Located on a beautiful farm property, it’s the perfect place to kick back, enjoy a fire and take a deep breath of fresh, rural air.

When you add on breakfast, you’ll choose from an a la carte menu and find all the ingredients right in your cabin upon arrival. Eggs, pancake mix, fresh fruit and bacon await with locally-sourced syrup tapped right in Beaver Valley. Enjoy it in the cabin or out on the porch as you get a slow and leisurely start to your morning.

4. Thornbury Bakery

Where: 12 Bruce St S, Thornbury, ON. (View Map)

shot of the bruce street breakfast and a coffee

If you’ve never been to downtown Thornbury, trust us when we say, you’re missing out. This charming, small town can be a getaway in and of itself and la piece de la resistance? Thornbury Bakery Café.

Known for their baked-from-scratch apple pies, great coffee and hearty breakfasts- it’s definitely our recommendation that you check out this spot. Want to make it into a getaway? This itinerary should help.

Step on in, revel in the natural lighting and gaze at the menu as you make a very tough decision- what are you going to have for breakfast? We opted for coffee (obviously) and two different options.

The Bruce Street Breakfast offers up two eggs (we opted for sunny side up), bacon or sausage or pemeal, homefries (just what we needed) and toast. If you order this one, you can expect that classic, hit-the-spot diner breaky.

Want to branch out a little? No worries! The simple and fresh breakfast burrito also comes with those crispy homefries plus scrambled eggs, tomatoes, salsa, sweet onion, peppers, cheddar cheese and crunchy lettuce all nestled into a snug little tortilla. Served up with a side of crispy bacon, you can’t really go wrong.

Before you head out the door, be sure to grab a few of their signature baked goods.

5. Blackbird Pie Company

Where:  236768 Grey County Rd 13, Heathcote, ON. (View Map)

exterior of blackbird pie co.

Chances are you’ll smell this spot before you’ve even stepped inside. Open the door and you’ll be greeted by the warmth of this charming bakery in all its sweet, sweet goodness.

While they’re crowning jewel is the apple pie (they are a stop on the Apple Pie Trail after all) Blackbird Pie Co. is also home to a lot more than that. Think apple crisp, pecan tarts, fruit muffins and even double chocolate cookies with sea salt.

Now, wipe that drool of your keyboard. If you’re there for breakfast we definitely recommend one of their warm, sticky cinnamon buns. Seriously, is there a better breakfast-dessert? We think not. You can also shop a number of entrees, pies and more to bring home with you.

6. Heart’s Tavern

Where: 235334, Grey County Rd 13, Kimberley, ON. (View Map)


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Tucked into the small town of Kimberly in Grey County, Heart’s Tavern knows the way to our hearts is definitely through our stomachs.

Only on Sundays, Heart’s Tavern serves up brunchy items between 12 and 3pm for those eager to try their delicious creations. While the menu changes each and every week to account for growing seasons and to create some delicious variety, there are a few popular dishes worth mentioning that have shown up more than once.

First of all, every Sunday is a different savoury scone baked up fresh in-house. A fan fav? The recent Lindsay goat cheddar and chive scone served open face with french ham, two poached eggs and and hollandaise sauce along side a nice salad and crunchy kosher pickle. YUM.

Perhaps you’d rather try their oeufs en cocotte aux champignons- a French dish that roughly translates to egg casserole with mushrooms but is a wee bit more elevated than that. This dish boasts two eggs cracked into a garlic cream sauce with mushrooms and spinach, baked and then served with toasted baguette. Wow our stomachs are HOWLING.

Breakfast of Champions

No matter where you are in Grey, you can’t beat these spots for breakfast. That already makes you a champion in our eyes. Want to keep exploring? Check out these spots for the best wine and cheese in Grey County.

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