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overhead shot of two hands squeezing lime on corn and a spread of food at La Condesa

The Complete Guide to a Prince Edward County Mid-Week Escape

Fancy an escape to The County this summer but want to skip the crowds? We love that for you! This mid-week escape is perfect for foodies looking to explore this beautiful part of the province.

To Note About the County

Listen, The County is built for relaxation. So much so that you likely won’t get cell service in some areas but hey- that’s all part of the experience. Pop that phone in your bag and just connect with your soul and those you’re with!

While you can certainly rock this on your own, we recommend booking a tour with our Feast On® friends over at The County Picnic. They’ll be your guide and your driver, sharing some insider knowledge of the area along the way. Say hi to Andrea and Edu for us!

Wednesday Itinerary

Roll into town around lunch time and enjoy these stops along your way! We recommend starting in the beautiful town of Wellington.

Stop 1: Lunch at Karlo Estates Winery

Where: 561 Danforth Rd, Wellington, ON. (View Map)
We love: 2021 Bubble– a Bordeaux sparkling cuvée

Start your visit at Karlo Estates Winery where they roll out the stops for their guests.

Visit the “secret” speakeasy on-site to get out of the sun and enjoy some great vibes, great wines, and even a dairy-free charcuterie spread made with dairy-free cheeses, house-made tapenades and dips.

Care to enjoy the weather (or at least see it)? The covered patio is the best spot for this and offers views of the vineyards where owners Sherry Karlo and Saxe Brickiden grow their grapes.

While you’re there, you also need to check out if there are any events happening! From weekly dinner jams to Bitchin’ BINGO (that’s BINGO with drag queens) and other lively happenings, there’s always a reason to come back.

Onwards to the beach! Want to grab a little snack for while you’re there? Just two minutes down the road, stop at Lakeshore Farms for some cinnamon sugar donuts. Andrea from the County Picnic swears by them.

Time to Next Stop: About 25 mins

Stop 2: Sandbanks Provincial Park

Where: View Map

Roll out the towels and enjoy this unique, natural wonder mid-week sans crowds. Sandbanks Provincial Park boasts the world’s largest baymouth river dune formation and it really is a site to behold.

Explore the dunes (trust us you want shoes for this- the sand gets hot!) and take a dip in the water. It’s the perfect spot to while away on the beach and coming mid-week is key. You can reserve your spot online in advance (recommended).

Want to do more than swim? We got you. Rent a canoe or kayak on site or go for a hike. With three beaches to explore, there’s plenty to do and see. When you’re finished, it’s onwards to dinner!

Time to next stop: About 20 minutes

Stop 3: Dinner at La Condesa

Where: 298 Main St, Wellington, ON. (View Map)
We love: Their eloté corn (seasonal menu item)

overhead shot of two hands squeezing lime on corn and a spread of food at La Condesa

Under the helm of Chef Samantha Valdivia, who immigrated to Canada from Mexico, La Condesa churns out vibrant flavours reminiscent of Samantha’s home country.

Known for their hand-pressed, made-to-order corn flour tortillas, their tacos and ceviche tostadas are must-tries. It’s also worth mentioning that we loved their eloté corn which only shows up seasonally on the menu. They’re also known for a great margarita in The County.

What’s not to love?

Time to hotel: 5 mins

Stay the Night

Where: The Eddie Hotel and Farm,  15786 Loyalist Pkwy, Bloomfield, ON. (View Map)

exterior of the waring house

Cozy up for the night at The Eddie Hotel and Farm. Located on 78 acres of beautiful farm property, the Millenium Trail runs right through the whole thing if you feel like going for a stroll. Grab a glass of wine or beer and head out to the back pond to enjoy the end of your first day in The County.

When it’s time for sleep, you’ll be dazzled. Each room has its own en suite bathroom and modern amenities but loads of charm. Located in an 1860s farmhouse, history abounds!

Mike from The Eddie on couch in living room

Run by Mike and Alex, this spot hosts events and weddings as well as the hotel guests. The couple actually got married on the farm in 2018 and make for gracious hosts (in fact when we were there they even baked up some late-night brownies)!

Want to really finish your day off in the perfect way? Let Mike know you’d love to have a campfire under the stars. Trust us, it’ll be beautiful.

Thursday Itinerary

After enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the Eddie, hit the road once more!

Stop 1: Explore Downtown Picton

Where: Picton (view map)

bike resting against the counter at Beacon Bike and Brew

Picton is SUCH a cute town (seriously, don’t leave without checking it out). We recommend parking just off the main drag and wandering in and out of art galleries, small shops and more.

Start your morning off with a coffee (and if you’re still peckish, a breakfast sandwich) from Beacon Bike and Brew* where you can grab a killer coffee AND shop for cycling gear if that’s your thing.

From there, there are lots of pretty and unique shops to check out including The Ye11ow Studio for handcrafted pottery,  The Merchant for men’s mercantile products, Cooke’s Fine Foods and Kala Home for décor.

Stop 2: Quench Your Thirst

Where: Russ and Co.* for cocktails at 222 Main St. Picton, ON. (View Map)or 555 Brewing for beer at 124 Picton Main St, Prince Edward, ON. (View Map)
We love: The PEC 22 cocktail

two-grid image. On the left, a close up a fancy cocktail at russ and co. On the right, zain and andrea cheers their drinks.

Feeling like a cocktail? You’re in luck! Right on Main St. W. next to the Regent Theatre, Russ and Co. serves up amazing cocktails in their intimate bar space.

Walk in and feel like you’ve stepped back in time. We recommend pulling up a stool to the bar and chatting up the bartenders as they craft your beverages. The entire bar back was imported from a Hungarian pharmacy and the vibes are immaculate.

Not sure what to drink? Ask the bartender for a suggestion based on what you love or try our fav- the PEC 22 complete with dumshanbo gunpowder Irish gin, blackberry, lemon and prosecco!

If beer is more your thing, head a little bit further down the main to the Rainbow Registered 555 Brewing Co. This fun spot serves up craft beers made right in-house alongside a menu of wicked wood-fired pizzas.

June is an awesome month to visit as they really roll out the rainbow carpet for Pride month! That being said, you can catch pride events here all year round.   

Time to next stop: 15 mins

Hot tip: When you get close to your next stop, you’ll notice a pink shed on the side of the road where you can grab some damn good butter tarts!

Lunch at Cressy Mustard*

Where: 2983 County Rd 8, Prince Edward, ON. (View Map)
We love: Their chardonnay mustard

overhead shot of the food at cressy

Time for lunch! Kick back with views of Lake Ontario at Cressy Mustard. This farm market/restaurant is a must-visit in The County if you ask us.

Step inside the farm store to shop a selection of locally sourced goods including Cressy’s own must-try mustards and hot sauces (we are obsessed with the dill pickle hot sauce and chardonnay mustard).

wide shot of the mustard wall at Cressy Mustard

Next head out to the patio where you need to get yourself some pickerel and truffle fries. This spot has a fantastically laid-back atmosphere so you can rest assured you’ll feel right at home.

exterior of Cressy Mustard from across the road

Hot tip:  If you have the kids in toe, there’s also a great playground for them to hang out at while you eat and watch them from nearby!

Time to next stop: 2 mins

County Cider Co.*

Where: 657 Bongards Crossroad, Waupoos, ON. (View Map)
We love: The County Pear Cider with delicate vanilla undertones

grid of two photos from county cider co. : on the left, two bottle of cider held in front of the barn quilt, on the right a staff member smiling behind the bar

Feeling thirsty again? Cider lovers will revel in the goodness that is County Cider Co. Grab a tasting and the staff will lead you from dry to sweet as you sample what this small-town cidery has to offer at the bar.

When you’re finished, be sure to grab some of your favs for home. While a few are available in the LCBO, this farm shop has some extras that certainly aren’t so don’t be afraid to stock up!

Time to next stop: About 20 minutes

Dinner at Parson’s Brewing Company* or The Waring House

Where: Parson’s Brewing Company, 876 County Rd 49, Picton, ON. (View Map) or The Waring House, 395 Sandy Hook Rd, Picton, ON. (View Map)

Hope you saved room for dinner!

two image grid at Parsons: on the left the bartender in tie-dye holding a beer, on the right a close up of the elot´corn caesar salad

For those feeling like a casual meal in a wicked atmosphere, Parson’s Brewing Company serves up cold brews made on site and some killer food.

We loved pairing up their flagship crushable pilsner with a nice, light Caesar salad. Now it isn’t what you’re thinking.

We’d never normally order a Caesar salad and recommend it to you on a food blog BUT this Caesar salad was recommended by the chef is really tasty because it’s stuffed with shredded chicken, pickled onions and eloté corn that will make your mouth water. It’s perfect for a sweltering summer day.

Other favs included the yuzu pale ale and Enright Beef empanadas. Kick back and enjoy your meal on the patio with a view of the kitchen and a huge yard with lawn games and space to stretch your legs.

owner standing in the gardens at the waring house

Feeling something a bit more upscale? The Waring House is an inn and restaurant that boasts beautiful gardens and a Feast On® menu worth checking out.

two-image grid from waring house of lamb rack and red Thai curry

We loved their classic apple and aged cheddar soup, roasted rack of lamb and their signature burger off the pub menu.

Hot tip: The Waring House also offers up deluxe accommodations if you feel like resting your head some place new for the night!

Friday Itinerary

Wake up from The Eddie Hotel and Farm once more or Waring House and head out on the road! Before heading anywhere (whether that’s on to more County goodness or home), you need to hit up onnne more spot before you go.

Stop 1: PECish Baking*

Where: PECish Baking Co., 3020 County Rd 10, Milford, ON. (View Map)
We love: The ham and cheese croissants

two-image grid from pecish baking. On the left, baker Matty in front of the oven and on the right a box with a ham and cheese croissant, chocolate croissant and pain au chocolat!

Open Friday-Sunday, this bakery is fairly new in the County and you really shouldn’t miss it.

PECish Baking is filled with fresh-made baked goods and you’ll smell it from far away. Starting during the pandemic, PECish Baking has already made a splash- at first opening one day a week and quickly seeing a need and demand for more.

We fell head over heels for their cheese and ham croissants as well as their pain au chocolat and we will be back for the baguettes. Grab some treats for the road and Bob’s your uncle! Also say hit to Matti, co-owner and in-house baker extraordinaire while you’re there for us!

Check-in On the Great Taste of Ontario

Now here’s the really exciting part! When you download the Great Taste of Ontario passport for Visit the County and check into three stops, you’ll receive a $25 Feast On® gift voucher to use at participating restaurants!

Any of the stops with an asterisk* after their name in this blog are places where you can check in!

Don’t forget! Always have a designated driver or call our friends at The County Picnic if you think you’ll be indulging.