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Taste, Explore, Repeat: A Foodie’s Guide to a Weekend in Lennox and Addington

Located to the west of Kingston and east of Prince Edward County, Lennox and Addington is a culinary gem just begging to fill your stomach this summer!

So where do you start? Don’t worry, we have that covered. Read on for the ultimate food lover’s itinerary for a weekend away in Lennox and Addington.

What You Need to Know

You’ll get a little bit of everything on this itinerary- great beer and wine, diverse eats, amazing views and farm experiences you won’t soon forget.

We recommend a pair of sneakers or rubber boots (something close-toed) that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty along the way. A great road trip playlist goes a long way too for these beautiful back roads!

Already sold and ready to roll? Use this handy map route to get around. Open in it in a new tab and toggle your route on and off by day.

Friday: Find Out What the Buzz is All About

On Friday, visit these spots to figure out why Lennox and Addington are just so darn sweet.

Stop 1: The Bee Spot

Where: 695 County Rd 4, Tamworth, ON. (View Map)

grid of two photos from The Bee Spot, on the left Nadine holding a bee frame and on the right a closeup of a bee frame

Start your trip off strong with a hands-on beekeeping experience at The Bee Spot. You’ll meet with Nadine, beekeeper extraordinaire (and part-time comedian if you ask us) for an unforgettable time.

First, Nadine will meet you to talk about all things bees. She’ll walk you through the ins and outs of keeping bees, the roles of the drones, worker bees and of course the queen and how they all interact with each other.

After your introduction and a look at some hives, it’s time to get suited up! Donning a full bee suit (don’t forget those close-toed shoes), you’ll head out to the fields behind this spot to see the bees at work.

Don’t worry- Nadine will never force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with but do keep an open mind! It’s not as scary as you think.

Gabby holding a bee frame

Next, you’ll help with some real apiary work. Nadine doesn’t believe in moving bees or interacting with them in ways that aren’t needed (that’s just unnecessary stress for the bees and you).

Rather, you’ll help her with real work that needs doing. The day we were there, we got the chance to move some bee frames to their new home and even got to check out the Queen Bee! She looked nothing like Regina George for the record.

When you’re finished up, it’s time to cool down with some freezies, reconnect over a few laughs and of course try some of that honey Nadine and her son Shane make!

Time to next stop: 27 mins

Stop 2: Dinner on the Water

Where: Waterfront river cruise, board at 22 Water St W, Napanee, ON. (View Map)

spread of food on the boat overlooking the Napanee River

Hop aboard the Normal Paul! This 45-foot pontoon boat is fully licensed and ready to take you for a cruise down the Napanee River.

You can book online and catch it at the Waterfront River Pub to enjoy an evening on the water. Cruise this scenic river taking in spectacular views of the shoreline as you snack on a menu of easy breezy eats.

We recommend ordering up an Ontario wine or beer from the on-deck menu (perhaps the Mackinnon Brothers’ Crosscut Ale?) as you peruse the menu.

Next, order from a list of snacks including sharing boards with cheese, meat and fruits, and a small selection of hit-the-spot wraps. Cheers!

Next stop: 2-17 minutes

Stop 3: Choose Where to Rest Your Head

Whether you prefer a trendy-chic stay or something a bit more rustic, we have you covered.

Option 1: The Red Brick Suites
194 East St, Napanee, ON. (View Map) – 2 minute drive

The Red Brick Suites in Napanee offer up all the comfort you need and is particularly great for couples. Enjoy two floors of modern elegance nestled inside a beautiful red brick Victorian home from the 1890s.

Featuring a huge range of amenities including two kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms as well as on-site laundry and plenty of space to relax both indoors and outdoors, you’ll certainly be shacking up in style.

Option 2: The Escape Goat Hideaway
Where: 13 McGill Road, Newburgh, ON. (View Map) – 17 minute drive

exterior of the escape goat hideaway

If you prefer something a little more rustic, consider booking a glamping experience at Barking Goats Farm (coincidentally where you’ll start this itinerary on Saturday).

This farm is full of furry characters (more on that later) sure to put a smile on your face. Owner/farmer/wonderful all-around human, Deborah, will take you to your campsite on a side-by-side where you’ll be surrounded by nothing but beautiful fields and a gorgeous night sky.

Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a small, charming cabin complete with a beautiful outdoor shower built on limestone, a BBQ, campfire pit (be aware of local fire bans please!) and more.

Head inside and you’ll take a deep breath of relaxation. Decked out with everything you’ll need during your stay, you’ll find a queen bed as well as a sofa bed, kitchen, private screened-in porch for morning coffees and so much more.

There are also a number of trails that run through the property and in the winter places to snow shoe and skate weather permitting!

Saturday: Adventure Awaits!

A day full of adventure for both you and your taste buds awaits you on day two.

Stop 1: Barking Goat Farms

Where: 13 McGill Road, Newburgh, ON. (View Map)

zain at barking goat with kevin the goat

Whether you stayed over or not, a tour of Barking Goat Farms is a must.

You’ll be greeted by Deborah or her husband, Brent, to learn a little bit about their story and how the farm came to be. You’ll also go over some rules for the safety of both you and the animals on site. Next, it’s time to disinfect those shoes and through the farm gates you go!

During your time, you’ll get the chance to interact with goats, barn cats, donkeys and chickens- finding out about their quirky and loving personalities along the way.

We loved meeting Kevin, the odd goat whom the donkeys accept as their own and speaking of donkeys, the snuggly giants were just about our favourite part.

Along the way, Deborah and Brent will guide you on how to best interact with the animals and share their lessons learned through farming about animal well-being as well as their own.

Time to Next Stop: 15 mins

Stop 2: A Delectable Lunch

Where: Fool’s Kitchen, 19 A Market Square, Napanee, ON. (View Map)

Grid of two photos from Fool's Kitchen
On the left: A fun fact! This is Deborah’s sister (of the Barking Goat)!
On the right: Chef David Yeung is busy in the kitchen

Next, head into beautiful downtown Napanee for lunch! The menu here is filled with Asian fusion that celebrates a variety of cultures.

Headed up by Chef David Yeung who started his career in Toronto focusing on Italian and French cooking, this spot showcases a blend of those roots with a newfound love for Asian-influenced cuisine.

Showcasing everything on the menu from delicate and beautiful Japanese dishes to bold flavours from Thailand and China, it’s sure to please.

The menu here changes on the regular and it’s likely you won’t have the same dish twice! When we visited it was all about the vermicelli bowl, mango chicken and Korean-style lamb rack. Needless to say, we’re DROOLING to go back!

gabby and zain holding bao dessert

We finished it all off with chocolate-filled bao that pretty well blew our minds.

Time to Next Stop: 15-22 minutes

Stop 3: Cheers for Beer or Win with Wine

Next up: pick what you prefer! There’s something for both beer lovers as well as wine and cider lovers. Heck! Pick ‘em both.

Option 1: MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co.
Where: 1915 County 22 Road, Bath, ON. (View Map)

grid image of beer on the left and nacho pull on the right

Any craft beer lover in Ontario should add MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. to their list of must-stops.

Now in its 8th generation, this farm which dates back to 1784 (!) has added a modern brewery to the mix that really is something to behold. The Mackinnon Brothers themselves have renovated century-old barns that now house impressive brewing equipment and planted plenty of hops and barley for the beer they brew.

Visitors to this spot will no doubt be impressed. Located on a back road in Bath (just outside of Kingston), this brewery seems to come out of nowhere with several bright-red barns housing the equipment as well as an on-site tap room.

Upon visiting, we recommend grabbing a few flights to try it all as the knowledgeable staff tells you about the love and story behind each beer on tap.

exterior shot of different red buildings at MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co.

We’re kind of obsessed with the harvest ale which is made with ingredients grown 100% on-site. Talk about reducing your food miles folks. We’re also a bit obsessed with the nachos. So you should definitely get those.

Enjoy your beer in the taproom, wander the hops field (the whole property is licensed) or grab a seat at the picnic tables and rouse up a game of cornhole. The world is your oyster!

MacKinnon hosts a number of concerts and other events throughout the summer so be sure to check out what’s up before you go!

Option 2: Bergeron Estate Winery

Where: 9656 Loyalist Pkwy, Bath, ON. (View Map)

exterior shot of the winery and vineyard at bergeron estate winery

Wine and cider lovers will fall head over glass into the creations coming out of Bergeron Estate Winery.

On the cider side, Bergeron specializes in a style of cider called the scrumpy cider. This term originally referred to ciders made from stolen apples from neighbouring orchards.

Today scrumpy refers to a rustic style of cider that is made on-farm using ripe apples (often ones that have fallen to the ground). Bergeron Estate Winery doesn’t stop at the apples though! They also use unique ingredients like locally grown haskap berries.

On the wine side of things, the terroir of Bergeron Estate Winery gives their wines an edge. For example, their gamay noir is more peppery and bold than most and their cab franc has an aroma of rich black currents.

Fancy a flight or trying a few? Pop on by during open hours and top it all off with one of their baked pizzas as you look out at the vineyard and views of Lake Ontario beyond that.

Time to Next Stop: 3-14 minutes

Stop 4: Dinner for Your Appetite

Where: Beachside BBQ, 352 Main Street Bath, Bath, ON. (View Map)

shot of Gabby and Zain in the boat at beachside BBQ

It might be a good idea to pop on those stretchy pants for this stop. Owned by a Tennessee import to Canada, this spot specializes in monster portions of well-made BBQ.

Pop inside and you’ll find a tikki bar, a full-on boat to have your dinner in (that’s where we ate) and a nice street patio out front too. Next, let’s talk about food.

You need to order the mac n’ cheese. In the words of the owner, “It is so ugly, not photogenic at all.” Hey, he said it not us. Looks aside though, it’s damn delicious. Made loaf-style, you cut into it and all that cheesy goodness comes spilling out onto your plate.

grid photo of a tropical drink on the left and mac n' cheese on the right

Aside from that we loved diving into their burger, crispy burnt ends and of course, some bangin’ fries to boot.

Were we full? Yes. Were we so full we felt like we needed to lay in the fetal position for three hours and call our mom? Also yes.

Hot Tip: Not ready to call it a night post-dinner? Head out to the Dark Sky Viewing Area to see a beautiful starry sky! This spot boasts Ontario’s most southern location with a night sky as close as it was to 100 years ago.

They’ve nixed the light pollution and it’s awesome.

Sunday: Time to hit the road (but first, coffee)

Well, sadly that’s the end of this road trip but we wouldn’t send you home without grabbing some coffee and a treat for the road.

Stop 1: Coffee Cravings

Where: 86 John St. Napanee, ON. (View Map)

Before you hit the road, head back into Napanee’s charming downtown! Coffee Cravings serves up a solid cappuccino on ice, black coffee and a number of rotating baked goods like cookies, squares and nanaimo bars.

Have FUN

WE hope you have a great time in Lennox and Addington! If you want to keep the fun rolling, why not head down to Prince Edward County? We’ve got an itinerary for that too.

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