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Arrowwood Farm & Events

6460 Riverside Drive
(519) 289-0389

Arrowwood Farm, established in 2015, stands as a versatile event venue renowned for both its on-site and off-site catering services. At the heart of its operations is a charming pick-your-own (PYO) blueberry and flower farm, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty and bounty of nature. The farm’s enchanting landscape and facilities make it an ideal location for a variety of events.

At the helm of this pastoral enterprise are Kathy and Phil, who have made Arrowwood Farm their delightful “retirement” endeavour. Kathy, with her exceptional culinary skills, oversees the kitchen, crafting an array of delicious offerings. Her blueberry pies, in particular, have earned widespread acclaim for their quality. Kathy’s expertise extends beyond the kitchen; she is the primary contact for event planning, especially weddings, ensuring that each event is a memorable and seamless experience for all involved.

Phil, as the head blueberry farmer and livestock wrangler, is often found tending to the animals and overseeing the farm’s agricultural activities. His mornings begin with feeding pigs, sheep, and chickens, and collecting fresh eggs. A passionate advocate for sustainable farming, Phil is always eager to engage with visitors, answering any blueberry-related queries and leading informative farm tours.

The success of Arrowwood Farm is also a testament to the contributions of local students and neighbours. These part-time and contract workers are essential to the farm’s operations, assisting in blueberry picking, event services, and more. Kathy and Phil are profoundly grateful for their dedicated team, whose efforts are vital to the thriving community and business of Arrowwood Farm.

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  • Licensed: Yes
  • Patio: Yes
  • Take-out/Delivery: Yes

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