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Ontario Garlic Week is Your Chance to Celebrate Everything Garlic

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This year we’ll be celebrating Ontario garlic in a BIG way!

Garlic lovers (vampires excluded) across the province are invited to celebrate Ontario’s annual garlic harvest during the first-ever Ontario Garlic Week: a week-long, province-wide celebration of all things garlic, presented by the Toronto Garlic Festival.

Running from October 29 to November 7, Ontario Garlic Week will feature over 35 food businesses - with more being added every day - across Ontario that offer fresh, locally grown garlic and special garlic-inspired dishes and drinks. Think restaurants, farmers’ markets, food vendors, food trucks, pop-ups, bakeries, chocolatiers, ice-cream parlours and even dessert shops. Yes, you read that right! We’re talking roasted garlic ice-cream, Chocolate Bonbons with black garlic and Caramelized Garlic Butter Tarts, in addition to savoury dishes loaded with plenty of pungent cloves, from nachos to noodles.

Earthy and delicious, this black garlic from Edible Earth adds a beautiful umani note to all sorts of dishes including desserts!

Here’s six ways in which you can celebrate Ontario Garlic Week:

1) Try garlic-inspired dishes, desserts, beer and cocktails at participating restaurants, food vendors, food trucks, pop-ups, bakeries, chocolatiers, ice-cream parlours and dessert shops. You can find a list of participating businesses here.

2) Order dine-in or takeout from these participating Feast On® certified restaurants: Atmosphere café + etc. - Guelph, Craft Farmacy – London, Little Mushroom Dining Lounge - Cambridge, Magic Oven – Toronto, Radical Gardens – Timmins, Taco Farm – Waterloo, The White Owl Bistro - North Bay and Urban Pantry Restaurant – Uxbridge.

3) Shop for Ontario garlic at your local farmers’ market or direct from the farm. Ontario is home to dozens of garlic farms including Pfennings Organic. Download the Ontario Garlic Map to find farmers’ markets, farm stands and farm stores near you. Keep an eye out for black garlic – a.k.a fermented garlic. These umami-laden, black, tar-like bulbs taste bitter and sweet, with hints of balsamic vinegar, molasses, liquorice and tamarind.

4) Cook a garlic-inspired dish using local cloves – but before that, read these pro tips on how to prepare and cook garlic.

5) Go on a virtual garlic harvest tour. Toronto Garlic Festival has created a 360-degree live action video of Ontario farmer Simon de Boer working in his fields during the summer garlic harvest. This 3 minute virtual reality tour gives you a close-up view of a local garlic harvest via a pair of virtual reality goggles (Virtual reality goggles are required.)

6) Download these ‘Garlic Music’ playlists and take a road trip through Ontario’s garlic growing regions.

Garlic is a very special vegetable.

Almost every cuisine in the world relies on garlic to lend it's irreplaceable heat to it's dishes. Claims about garlic’s medical and therapeutic effects in ancient lore and modern science can fill a book.  Just a single raw clove, properly pressed or minced, can add a depth of flavor unmatched by other ingredients. You can learn more about this magical bulb and join in celebrating it's unique place in our culinary culture here in Ontario at torontogarlicfestival.ca

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