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A Sweet Blend of Science & Art: Discover this NEW Chocolate Making Workshop in Perth County

Written by the team at Perth County Tourism

Perth County’s Discover More Adventures program offers immersive experiences that showcase the region’s culture and culinary delights. The newest Signature Experience in the collection is a delicious bonbon-making workshop at Chok Fine Chocolates in Shakespeare, Ontario. Led by the talented British chocolatier, Stephen, who has found his “true home” in Perth County, this workshop is the perfect blend of science and art where precision and creativity intertwine.

The Chok Studio

Where: The Chok Studio, 2236 Line 34 Unit 4, Shakespeare, ON N0B 2P0. (View Map)

The Chok Studio is fully equipped with everything you need, and the workshop price includes all the materials and ingredients, a box of 12 of your chocolates, plus written recipes and techniques for you to take away and practice on your own. Workshop participants are involved in every step of the bonbon-making process, decorating, casting, filling, and capping their very own Swiss chocolate-filled bonbons! Stephen’s expertise shines through as he guides participants through the intricate process of tempering chocolate, ensuring the perfect texture and taste.

One of the highlights of the chocolate-making workshop is the chance for participants to unleash their creativity and personalize their bonbons by transforming their chocolate into unique works of edible art. With a wide array of vibrant colours and fine brushes at their disposal, participants can let their imaginations run wild, painting their bonbon casings with designs and giving their treats personal touches.

Chok Fine Chocolates cuts no corners when it comes to sourcing ingredients. The finest Swiss chocolate forms the base for these indulgent treats. Stephen’s commitment to supporting local extends to all flavours, with honey and maple syrup also sourced from nearby producers. Each bite of the bonbons crafted during the workshop is both an explosion of taste and a tribute to the rich flavours of Perth County.

Discover the art of bonbon making at Chok Fine Chocolates in Perth County and indulge in a truly unforgettable culinary adventure.

Visit chokfinechocolates.ca to book your workshop & visit the Perth County website to explore other Signature Experiences!

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