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Goat yoga has arrived in Oxford County and it’s awesome

After winning over ice cream lovers and food industry experts with their all-natural alternative to cow dairy, the makers of award-winning Udderly Ridiculous Goat’s Milk Ice Cream are inviting lockdown-weary Ontarians to unplug and recharge by experiencing a taste of farm life.

Greg and Cheryl Haskett are the Udderly Ridiculous duo bringing you gourmet goat milk ice cream inspired by the zany herd of goats on their third-generation family farm in Oxford County, Ontario. They’ve won numerous awards for their delicious creations and have long welcomed visitors to their idyllic corner of the province.

New this summer, they’ll be offering pre-booked goat yoga, alpaca encounters and an experience they’re calling ‘Goat Recess’ where you basically get to cuddle with goats at your leisure.

The immersive animal experiences range from 60 – 75 minutes and get you up close and personal with their herd of dwarf goats and alpacas. The kids are raving about it: nothing reduces stress like a downward goat pose!

“We’re very excited to open our gates and invite Ontario families to experience a taste of life on the farm, to reconnect with the land and to get to know some of our zany goats and other animal friends,” said Cheryl Haskett.

Udderly Ridiculous has scooped major recognition like the 27th Canadian Grand Prix New Product Award and inspired food lovers across Ontario with their irresistible combination of gourmet flavours and all-natural, easy-to-digest goodness. Goat’s milk ice cream is perfect for lactose-sensitive stomachs, plus it’s richer in protein and healthy fatty acids with less sugar than ice cream made from cow’s milk.

In January, Udderly Ridiculous was named one of the winners of the Oxford County Spark Program pitch competition aimed at fostering and supporting new sustainable tourism ideas, experiences and partnerships in the region. The competition, which provided start-up funding and mentoring to the winners, inspired Cheryl and Greg to diversify the business by branching out into Ontario’s $1.2-billion agritourism sector.

“We’re thrilled to share our passion for our amazing goats — and for farming — with the public,” said Cheryl. “We’re inviting everyone to enjoy the fruits of our hard work and help share the good news about Ontario agriculture.”