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The Bee Shop Inc.

1340 Bloor St West
(416) 533-2337

The Bee Shop, based in Toronto, is a store dedicated to supplying a wide range of honey and bee products. With its rooftop apiary, the shop is a registered Ontario Farm, contributing to the nation’s food supply through its beekeeping and bee-themed educational services.

The principal beekeeper, Oliver Couto, is an instructor of the introductory beekeeping course at both the Toronto Botanical Garden and The Bee Shop, where beekeeping programs for both adults and youth are available. Oliver has served as the co-chair of the Toronto Beekeepers Collective and is a longstanding member of the Ontario Beekeepers Association. Additionally, he was a member of the Pollinator Advisory Committee for the City of Toronto and contributed to the city’s popular “Bees of Toronto” book.

The Bee Shop is a distributor of Dutchman’s Gold and has been involved in beekeeping for over 22 years. The shop promotes urban beekeeping and offers talks on Apitherapy, which is the healing use of bee products. Monthly beeswax candle-making workshops are also held at the store.

The Bee Shop boasts the largest unique bee-themed artwork display in the world. Currently, the shop is a sponsor of the production of “The Sacred Bee” film series, which explores the spiritual side of honeybees.