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Meeting Place Organic Farm

86016 Creek Line
(519) 528-2493

Meeting Place Organic Farm is a 100-acre family farm in picturesque Huron County, powered by Suffolk Punch draft horses. It has been in operation since 1973 and is now under the stewardship of the second generation of the McQuail family. They offer a variety of locally sourced, certified organic products, including pastured pigs, meat chickens, 100% grass-fed and certified organic cattle, organic eggs, apples, apple butter, vegetable, herb, and heritage tomato seedlings, as well as lamb, goat, duck, maple syrup, and honey from several partnering farms.

Their mixed livestock operation is designed to nourish the soil and produce food sustainably. They pasture their cattle and feed their own hay in the winter, while giving their pigs access to pasture and fresh garden weeds. They are founding members of the Ecological Farmer’s Association of Ontario. Some of their farm products have been certified organic by Ecocert Canada for over 30 years.