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Heartwood Farm & Cidery

5438 Second Line
(226) 979-7860

Heartwood is a regenerative farm located just outside Guelph. The farm has chosen the practice of Regenerative Farming to maintain the healthiest soil, water systems, agriculture, and livestock possible. Each product and experience at Heartwood aims to invite customers and community members to “reconnect to simple wonders” by observing the wonderful connections between people, plants, animals, land, and soil.

In addition to featuring ingredients grown on local farms, Heartwood’s products are artisanal, natural, and designed to reconnect customers back to their local food system. For instance, their non-alcoholic cider is fully organic and contains no added sugars or preservatives of any kind. The hard ciders are sweetened with natural farm-crafted sugar sources, such as honey and maple syrup sourced directly from the farm. Why not stop in for a tasting? Cider on the Patio: Book a Patio Table

Heartwood believes in the power of wholesome, locally sourced ingredients to nourish both the body and the connection to the land. They take pride in offering products and experiences that embody these principles.

Customers are invited to join Heartwood on their journey as they strive to create a sustainable and harmonious relationship between people, land, and food.