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Enright Cattle Company

326 Hunt Road
(613) 478-3404

The Enright Cattle Company is a family-owned farm firmly committed to sustainability. The land and cattle are treated with utmost respect, ensuring nothing goes to waste. The crops nourish the animals, the animals sustain the farm, and their manure enriches the fields – a harmonious cycle the company proudly upholds. Every action contributes to producing superior beef, from providing a high quality of life for the animals to the meticulous dry aging process for supreme tenderness. In the beef produced by Enright Cattle Company, one will find no artificial hormones, only the exceptional texture and flavor that stems from content and healthy cows.

At Enright, a zero-waste philosophy guides the practices. The company maximizes the use of every part of the animals. While beef remains the primary focus, bones are sold for soup, soap is crafted from fat, offal is utilized for gourmet dog food and treats, and exquisite leather goods are created from hides. Even the animals’ manure circles back into the fields as fertilizer.

You are invited to experience the difference for yourself.