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Collective Joy Farm

477 MacDonnell Street Kingston, ON


Collective Joy is a new kind of farm – a year-round, indoor farm in the heart of Kingston’s bustling city – built to supply fresh produce and high quality food to you, friends and neighbours!

Offering a variety of nutrient-rich microgreens, fresh herbs, and edible flowers grown at their farm in Kingston, ensures that high quality foods are accessible to you at peak freshness without the requirement of extra resources in the form of shipping and storage.

Grown organically, on vertically stacked racks under LED lighting, producing thousands of pounds of fresh, nutrient rich produce every year, right in the heart of the city.

Their central location means access to the farm is truly easy – for picking up fresh greens or our ready-made whole food, plant-based meals, juices, smoothies and more, all made on site and featuring their locally grown produce.

This location also makes it easy to serve Kingston and area restaurants and hospitality providers with the freshest, highest quality microgreens and edible flowers – all grown right on their farm!