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Feast On® in Ottawa at Beckta Dining & Wine

Beckta Dining & Wine has been serving delicious eats with a local flair to the Ottawa area for twenty years.

Fine Dining in a Casual Atmosphere

Showcasing seasonal ingredients and creating thoughtful dishes, Beckta offers diners the chance to kick back and relax while still experiencing all of the heart and soul that goes into fine dining.

How it began

Beckta Dining & Wine’s story dates back well before its 20-year inception. Owner Stephen Beckta was working as a sommelier at several prestigious restaurants across New York City for years.

Loving the atmosphere and art that went into the food and drinks made Stephen wonder why it couldn’t exist in his hometown of Ottawa. Well, you can figure out what happened next. Stephen returned home and opened Beckta.

A Locally Curated Menu

Today, Beckta focuses on food that doesn’t have to travel far to get to the plate. Emphasizing quality and support for local farmers, the folks at Beckta work to lower their footprint and support the community they’re in.

That’s why you’ll find all kinds of locally grown and produced creations on their menu throughout the year like asparagus and kale from Rideau Pines Farms, Gees Bees Honey, Le Coprin Mushrooms, pork from Nagano, lamb from Beverly Creek Lamb and Beef and cherry tomatoes from Acorn Creek.

With so many excellent farmers surrounding Ottawa, there is a world of flavours available!

Industry-Leading Hospitality

“I truly feel our hospitality is great,” says Katie Ardington, Beckta’s Executive Chef. “We care about what we are cooking, who we are serving, acknowledging and appreciating people and customers that want to share and spend their time being taken care of by us.”

So, whether you’re feasting on their confit lamb shank, ordering a cocktail or asking for a wine recommendation, you can count on the Beckta staff to help you make some fantastic dining decisions.

Ready to go?

Excellent! Beckta Dining also accepts Feast On® vouchers so be sure to bring yours if you have it or consider grabbing one for a friend!