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Exploring the Bakery Trail in Perth County, Ontario

Cold days call for cozy treats and Perth County’s Bakery Trail is here to deliver.

Discover the Bakery Trail in the Heart of Perth County

Featuring over a dozen tasty stops, this journey through Perth County means that you’ll find out what “made from scratch” really means. Below are just a handful of stops to discover, but make sure to check out the trail map for the full experience!

Impressions Bakery: The Fry Pie Specialists

In the town of Listowell, Impressions Bakery offers a unique take on a classic dessert: the fry pie.

Impressions Bakery has mastered the art of the fry pie, a deep-fried delicacy that comes in various flavours. The crispy outer shell and the sweet, gooey filling make for an irresistible combination. The bakery’s commitment to quality and the welcoming atmosphere of Listowell make this a standout stop on the Perth County bakery trail.

McCully’s Hill Farm: The Rhubarb Pie Haven

Located just outside St. Marys, McCully’s Hill Farm is more than just a bakery; it’s a destination. St. Marys, known as the “Stonetown” for its historic limestone architecture, provides a picturesque backdrop for this family-owned farm.

McCully’s Hill Farm offers a variety of farm-fresh products, but the must-try item is their rhubarb pie. This pie, with its perfect balance of tart and sweet, encased in a flaky, buttery crust, showcases the farm’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients. The farm itself, with its market, seasonal activities, and stunning views, provides a full countryside experience.

Anna Mae’s Bakery: Apple Fritter Perfection

Anna Mae’s Bakery, located in the small but bustling community of Millbank, is a destination that draws people from across the region. Known for its traditional Mennonite cooking and baking, Anna Mae’s has become synonymous with quality and comfort.

The apple fritters here are legendary, featuring chunks of fresh apple encased in a light, airy dough, and finished with a sweet glaze. Millbank’s Mennonite heritage is reflected in the bakery’s approach to food: simple, wholesome, and delicious.

Wild Hog Country Market: A Sticky Bun Delight

Located in Perth East just minutes from Stratford, lies the Wild Hog Country Market. This market is renowned for its sticky buns, a treat that has locals and visitors alike returning for more.

These sticky buns, with their gooey, caramelized exterior and soft, fluffy interior, are the perfect comfort food. Pop in, grab those sticky buns and don’t forget to stock up on some other locally-sourced groceries while you’re there too!

Have a Sweet Trip

We hope you enjoy munching and crunching your way through Perth County’s bakery trail! Want to keep exploring the county? Check out the link below.

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