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Tucked away in Northeastern Ontario, Timmins is like the secret sauce in the north’s culinary scene, blending local charm with a touch of innovation. Case in point: Radical Gardens. More than just a restaurant, it’s a nod to the local food movement, boasting a Feast On® certification that speaks to its commitment to Ontario’s produce. It’s the kind of place that makes you rethink farm-to-table dining, serving up sustainability with a genuine smile.

But Timmins’ culinary journey doesn’t stop there. It’s an eclectic mix of cultural influences and natural bounty, offering everything from Indigenous dishes to international flavours, all served with a dash of northern hospitality. Grab a pint at a local brewery like Full Beard, cozy up at historic gems like Victory Tavern and more.

The city invites not just foodies but anyone curious about where their food comes from, offering experiences like foraging and fishing that connect diners to their meals in a more meaningful way. Timmins might not be the biggest name in global cuisine, but it’s a heartfelt invitation to explore what local dedication to food and culture tastes like.


Our perfect Timmins weekend begins with a trip to Ciao Sandwich Co. for a breakfast sandwich on fresh foccacia before heading out on the water to do a bit of fishing. When dinner rolls around, we’re all about a wicked takeout meal (ramen, sandwiches, burgers, who knows what’s on the menu this week!) and dessert from Radical Gardens where they’re always finding inventive new ways to incorporate local ingredients into the menu.

On day two, we’re all about relaxation in nature. We recommend checking out Cedar Meadows Resort & Spa to wind down with a massage and enjoy a little fine dining.

Finally, don’t leave town without checking out some of the beautiful paddling routes and available in town and grabbing a bite at the local fav, The Fishbowl.

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