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Thunder Bay
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Nestled in the heart of Northwestern Ontario, Thunder Bay boasts an unassuming culinary scene that seamlessly marries the rugged beauty of its great outdoors with a thriving foodie culture. This Canadian gem offers a tantalizing blend of flavors, drawing inspiration from the pristine waters of Lake Superior, the lush boreal forests, and the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Venture into the heart of Thunder Bay’s vibrant food scene, where farm-to-table bistros thrive, offering innovative dishes infused with wild-foraged ingredients like morel mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns, wild blueberries, and of course, freshly caught whitefish. The local craft beer scene also adds depth to the experience, with refreshing brews and unique ingredients that complement the flavours of the land.

In Thunder Bay, dining is an adventure. Whether you’re savouring a gourmet meal while watching the sunset over Lake Superior or enjoying Indigenous cuisine by a roaring fire, Thunder Bay invites you to play hard and reward yourself – experience the intersection of the culinary and natural worlds in every delectable bite.


Start your day off with a visit to Upshot Coffee House for some of the most beautiful lattes around or St. Paul Roastery where you can watch them roast your coffee right in house. Then, have dessert for breakfast at the Sweet North Bakery.

Craving a libation? Head to Sleeping Giant Brewery for one of their refreshing brews, or head to Woodside Bar inside Goods and Co. market for a creative and colourful cocktail.

If you’re in need for some serious grub, we recommend the Bannock Lady for her incredible homemade bannock or a visit to The Eddy for their signature burger, aptly named “The Eddy”. Tomlin Subdivision is a must for their Detroit-style pizza – and make sure you wash it down with something cold from Lakehead Beer Company.

For those looking for upscale dining, Tomlin is a true community hub for beautiful dishes curated with the farm-to-table ethos in mind. Craving Thai? You’ll be dazzled by the bold flavours and beautiful colours of the food coming out of the Thai Kitchen.

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t insist you drizzle (or smother) all your dishes in locally-made Heartbeat Hot Sauce which you’ll find in restaurants across the city and also makes for a great souvenir (just sayin’).

Exploring the Region?

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