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Guelph Wellington
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Agriculture has deep roots in Wellington County. From farm gate to fine dining, from on farm experiences to lively food events, Guelph-Wellington is an exciting food destination. You will find unique local tastes and unforgettable culinary experiences.

We exist to support local farms and food businesses. Working together, we are growing one of the most vibrant, local food economies and food tourism destinations in Ontario. Taste Real puts local food first by making it easy to bring to the table. Taste Real is sharing the passion for the way Guelph and Wellington County food is grown, prepared, presented and enjoyed, and how real it tastes. When you see the Taste Real logo, you know that you are experiencing food grown close to home!


For those who like to pamper themselves, the newly opened the Elora Mill offers that up in spades. In the the winter, they have dome dining set up by the river and in the summer month, you can indulge in all sorts of delicious dishes on their sprawling patio.

For some of Ontario’s best sourdough, head to The Elora Bread Trading Co. They serve up wicked bread with a side of sass and oh, they do galettes, sandwiches and other local fare too!

Established in 1985, Wellington Brewery is the first North American brewery in modern times to brew cask ale.

Pizza, pasta and good Ontario wines are the bread and butter of Scozia, the locally-minded trattoria at the famed Breadalbane Inn.

The adorable farmers market in Palmerston, Ontario sets up shop each spring in the Palmerston Railway Heritage Museum. Definitely worth a visit.

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