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Nestled on the northern shore of Lake Erie, Kingsville, boasts a prime location that significantly contributes to its vibrant culinary scene. This charming town, positioned in Canada’s southernmost region, benefits from a climate that is unusually warm for the country, this means an incredible selection of fresh, local produce, including ideal growing conditions for the region’s vineyards.

The abundance of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients is a cornerstone of Kingsville’s culinary offerings, enabling chefs to craft menus that are both innovative and reflective of the region’s bounty. Visitors are treated to a gastronomic journey that spans from farm-to-table dining experiences to internationally inspired cuisine, all underscored by the town’s commitment to freshness and quality. This, coupled with the scenic beauty of its lakeside setting, makes Kingsville a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts looking to explore the flavours of one of Ontario’s most picturesque and fertile regions.


Anything but ordinary, Kingsville is one of Ontario’s best culinary gems! Perfect for a quick day trip or a weekend away there’s something for every appetite.

Situated at the same latitude as northern California and one of the warmest climate regions in Ontario, Kingsville is home to beautiful lush vineyards and exceptional wine experiences. One we feel you can’t miss is stopping by Canada’s largest winery, Pelee Island Winery for a tour and tasting. Then wrap up the day with fantastic food at Mettawas Station Mediterranean Restaurant.

For longer adventures might we suggest a beer tasting? Kingsville boasts an impressive craft beverage scene that any beer and cider lover can appreciate! Must-try breweries to add to your itinerary include Banded Goose Brewing Co., The Grove Brewing Co., and Kingsville Brewery. Your taste adventures don’t stop there, pair your sips with an unforgettable meal at The Goose Kitchen + Bar.

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