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Indigenous Experiences Ontario
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Do you know what cedar tea is? Have you ever tried bannock – straight from the fire?

Bannock (or frybread) is a non-traditional unleavened bread that is baked or fried that is often associated with Indigenous cuisine. It is often served alongside a stew or soup or as a dessert with blueberries or maple syrup. It’s got a sordid legacy but is celebrated as a community staple in many regions across Ontario today. It also goes great with a hot cup of cedar tea!

When you look at contemporary Indigenous cuisine, community and history bind it together. You’ll find cornerstone ingredients like game meat (think bison or elk), freshwater fish including salmon and trout, root vegetables, wild rice, maple, local berries, cedar tea, and of course bannock.

Rich with heritage and often inspired by the land, modern and traditional interpretations of Indigenous cuisine are on the rise in Ontario. Restaurants across the province are showcasing the incredible diversity of Indigenous food and drink.

Pow wows are some of the best places to experience local Indigenous culture and food. These social gatherings celebrate tradition, honour the past and renew friendships through music, song, food, dance and storytelling. You can see a list of planned public pow-wows here.



Chef Katsi’tsyo Tawnya Brant has been working to revive Indigenous North American & Haudenosaunee food culture through her catering business for a number of years. At Yawékon, which means “It tastes good!” in the Mohawk language – she serves up a rotating chalkboard full of delicious creations like bison & boar bbq meatballs with hominy, elk cabbage rolls wit wild rice and the most delicious corn soup.

For those looking to indulge in a creative 9 course tasting menu of progressive Indigenous cuisine using foraged and locally sourced foods, you need experience Naagan and meet Chef Zach Keeshig. These beautiful dinners celebrate the very best of Grey County and the surrounding land. They’re unforgetable.

North46 Restaurant on Manitoulin Island offers fresh products from the region with a focus on Indigenous cuisine. Try the Anishinaabe Taco with bison chili or the Manitoulin Whitefish, pan-seared and served alongside wild rice.

For those looking to bring a little Indigenous flavour into their home, Raven Rising makes beautiful, hand decorated Indigenous and Classic chocolates from White Bear First Nation near Sudbury. You can order online for delivery across Ontario.

Exploring the Region?

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