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Culinary World Tour in Vaughan

Are you looking to experience a world of flavour without booking a trip across the world? Embark on a globe-trotting culinary adventure right in Vaughan, and explore their incredible list of over 800 restaurants, you’re sure to find what you’re craving here!

Eats Around the World in Vaughan

Our quest led us to four exceptional restaurants, each offering a unique window into the tastes and traditions of their respective corners of the world.

1. Yokai Izakaya

Where: 3175 Rutherford Rd Unit 28, Woodbridge, ON (View Map)

Welcome to Yokai Izakaya, where the essence of Japanese izakaya (traditional Japanese bar) culture thrives, blending the mysterious and delightful. Inspired by Yōkai – supernatural beings from folklore, symbolizing a mix of mischief and joy – we’re plunged into a realm of deliciously curated chaos.

A must-visit in Vaughan! We were captivated by their Sweet Corn Croquettes and Wagyu Sliders. The star, Yokai Maki, with torched Norwegian salmon and gold flakes, was as delicious as it was stunning.

Our dining journey at Yokai Izakaya was brilliantly complemented by their inventive cocktails. The Floating World, with its unique blend of tequila, St. Germain, and the allure of rose gold dust, transformed our drink into a captivating experience. Meanwhile, the Seven Samurai Sour and the Ginza Fresh offered a perfect mix of sophistication and refreshment, enhancing our culinary adventure.

These signature drinks, combined with Yokai’s vibrant ambiance, truly elevated our experience, making it an unforgettable blend of celebration and exploration.

2. Tandoori Time

Where: 9699 Jane St unit 15/16, Maple, ON (View Map)

Tandoori Time stands as a testament to the rich culinary tradition of Pakistan and India, offering a menu that brings together the best of Indian and Pakistani cuisines with a focus on communal dining.

The Combo for 2 was a journey through the subcontinent’s flavors, featuring Chicken Karahi, Lamb Biryani, Beef Seekh Kababs, and Roghani Nans, all complemented by fresh garden salads.

This feast showcased the region’s rich flavors and the warm, generous spirit of its cuisine. Tandoori Time, with its spacious vibe perfect for families and groups, has been dishing out authentic tastes to Toronto for over 20 years—a true haven for food lovers!

3. Karahi Boys

Where: 9781 Jane St unit -4, Maple, ON (View Map)

Karahi Boys brings a slice of Pakistani street food to Vaughan with its signature dishes that speak of the country’s vibrant food scene. The Lahori Fish, with its crisp exterior and succulent interior, seasoned with a unique blend of spices and lemon juice, is a must-try for seafood aficionados.

Just as delightful was the Gawal Mandi Chana Daal Karahi, a dish hailing from the bustling streets of Lahore. This Lahori-style treasure features Chana Daal (split chickpeas) simmered to perfection in butter and an aromatic blend of homemade spices. It’s a hearty, comforting staple of Pakistani cuisine, reflecting the rich culinary traditions of the region.

But let’s talk about the Naan, the real MVP here – this family-sized marvel was so huge, it’s like they’ve unlocked the cheat code for endless Naan!

We topped off this feast with a refreshing mango shake and a zingy lime mojito, wrapping up our meal with a true taste of Pakistani hospitality amidst Karahi Boys’ warm and welcoming vibe.


4. Szechuan Szechuan

Where: 1 Bass Pro Mills Dr, Vaughan, ON (View Map)

Diving into Szechuan Szechuan feels like opening a treasure chest of East Asian flavors where the bold and zesty punches of Szechuan cooking really shine.

We truly loved their classic General Tso Chicken and Pad Thai, for example – they’re like a flavor ballet on your taste buds, showing off how a kick of spice can really make a dish sing rather than just shout.

Nestling into the cozy yet capacious ambiance of Szechuan Szechuan is like coming home – if home has been steeped in the rich traditions of East Asian culinary mastery since 1991.

Trust us, every bite here is a slice of history, made all the more delicious by the warmth and welcome that awaits you.

What a delicious adventure!

Vaughan’s dining landscape celebrates the city’s rich mosaic of cultures, inviting culinary adventurers to explore a world of flavors right on their doorstep. Whether you crave the refined tastes of Japan, the bold aromas of India, the heartwarming dishes of Pakistan, or the spicy delights of China, Vaughan welcomes you to a global dining table.

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