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An Udderly Ridiculous Dream Come True

BRIGHT, ON: With a passion for unleashing the best in others, Cheryl Haskett spent over a decade coaching individuals, teams and businesses to believe in what’s possible. Then, in 2018, she decided to take her own advice. Pivoting from years as a leadership facilitator to new business owner, Chery’s determination to succeed has not only grown her ice cream company, Udderly Ridiculous Goat Milk Ice Cream, into over 170 retailers across the province but was awarded the 27th Canadian Grand Prix New Product Award in the Dessert category in only one year since launching in 2019.

It was Udderly Ridiculous’s ability to outscore its competition in all four categories of innovation and originality, product characteristics, packaging and overall consumer value. With a panel made up of 34 of Canada’s food and grocery experts including renowned chef Marcus VonAlbrecht, judges described the products as “deeply satisfying,” “a refreshing new item,” and “a fantastic innovation” as they tasted the two award-winning flavours Vanilla Bean Lavender and Wine & Dark Chocolate. Both of which were developed by Cheryl in her home kitchen.

“This is a wonderful innovation and addition to the dessert category. An upscale offering, rich and creamy with wonderful flavours” one judge recorded.

As the majority owner of Udderly Ridiculous, Cheryl is a part of the 16 percent women-owned businesses within Canada that make up 99 percent of all small and medium-sized Canadian businesses and serves as an inspiration to women in Canada looking to change their career path. Sophisticated flavour profiles have emerged as a trend among Canadian consumers in 2020, and has left ice cream enthusiasts hungry for sweet treats with flavours that are unique, refined and complex. Vanilla is also reported as the number one most searched ice cream flavour in 10 provinces across Canada, with the second being chocolate.

Udderly Ridiculous is a lactose-friendly product, as goat milk, the main ingredient, does not contain the complex proteins that stimulate allergic reactions to cow’s milk.

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