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A Weekend Holiday Adventure in Vaughan!

Grab those hats and mittens because the holiday fun in Vaughan makes for a perfect weekend escape this festive season! North of Toronto, you can find this bustling and incredible hub of delicious must-visit foodie spots and things only ramp up for the holidays.

Unwrap the delicious delights awaiting you in Vaughan!

You may be wondering where to kick off the holiday celebrations in Vaughan. Keep reading to plan your next adventure.

We’ve crafted a holiday adventure itinerary for you to explore Vaughan’s incredible eats, beginning with a visit to Kleinburg Village!

Friday Adventure!

Time to put on those walking shoes in Kleinburg! Park the car and embark on a scrumptious adventure—no need to break a sweat, all the village delights are just a stroll away!

Stop #1: Old Firehall Confectionary

Where: 10449 Islington Ave, Kleinburg, ON (View Map)

Located in Kleinburg Village in Vaughan, you’ll discover confectionary heaven! As you approach, the festive decorations catch your eye, followed by the holiday tunes filling the air, the tempting aroma of sweet chocolate, and, finally, the exquisite taste of their incredible truffles! All their chocolate is crafted in-store using premium Belgian chocolate and fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Plus, they offer vegan, kosher, dairy-free, and gluten-free options!

Truly one of the most festive spots to start your day in your adventure in Vaughan, make sure to order one of their famous hot chocolates! You can enjoy their delicious chocolates inside their cozy shop, or out on the patio.

Stop #2: Local Cafe

Where: 10489 Islington Ave, Kleinburg, ON (View Map)

Only a 2-minute walk from Old Firehall Confectionery, you’ll find the coolest mom-and-pop shop serving up the most delicious sandwiches and wraps!

Step into Local Cafe, this cozy gem for sandwiches and drinks served with a generous side of heart and impeccable service! The warm atmosphere will make you feel right at home, experiencing the best hospitality around.

You might even find yourself enjoying coffee with Papa Dipasqauli on the heated patio, as he warmly welcomes you to his family’s cafe.

We can’t imagine a more local and inviting spot! Our fireside seat allowed us to relish in their famed Greek chicken wrap—freshly pressed and promptly delivered. Now, we have the perfect go-to for a delightful lunch whenever we find ourselves in Kleinburg Village!

Stop #3: La Baracca

Where: 10503 Islington Ave, Kleinburg, ON (View Map)

Discover the ultimate elevated dining experience in Kleinburg at La Baracca!

La Baracca is nothing short of a lively contemporary Italian restaurant, offering dishes that will mesmerize your taste buds. Stepping into their beautifully designed space, you’ll instantly sense the intimacy that defines this dining haven.

Our culinary journey began with the Rucola e Funghi salad—a delightful blend of baby arugula, mixed mushrooms, Parmigiano shavings, aged balsamic, and crispy Prosciutto that elicited a resounding “wow!” That reaction is a true testament to the must-visit status of this establishment.

Enhanced by impeccable service, dining at La Baracca feels like a royal experience. Whether you’re a couple seeking a romantic evening or longtime friends wanting to lose track of time over delicious eats, this spot is perfect.

To conclude our visit, we savoured the highly recommended pork elly. Crafted with love, every bite showcased the harmonious flavours of carrots, ginger purée, apple sauce, and a delightful hint of licorice reduction. All around, Eccellente!


Day 2 – Saturday Fun 

Take a Saturday drive or walk depending on where you stay to THE spot for authentic, delicious and homemade fresh cannolis!

Stop #1: Big Cannoli Lane

Where: 140 Woodbridge Ave. (View Map)

Big Cannoli Lane is an authentic Italian cafe that is the perfect spot to unwind with a fresh cup of coffee, a latte, and a side of delectable pastries. Their cannolis are a must-try. Having savoured the chocolate, vanilla, and lemon varieties.

Abosulety delicious! This cafe is a perfect spot to hang out with friends, and family and maybe fall in love over some tasty Italian treats!


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Stop #2: Bevi Birra

Where: 7500 ON-27 Unit 20, Woodbridge, ON. (View Map)

There’s something magical about 100% sourdough bread that’s been cold-fermented for 24 hours, and then used to craft the best sandwich around “in our opinion”! With an outstanding variety of delicious sandwich options, you’ll be saying “Wow” no matter what you choose.

We tried the Maria, featuring pea pesto, mortadella, fior di latte, sundried tomato spread, and arugula. We can’t wait to return and taste the rest!

We of course had to pair these focaccia sandwiches with the delightful side salad combo that includes a pint of their beers—we opted for the Bevi Barra Halp Pilsner.

Pro tip: Bevi Birra is the place to savour unique local craft beers you won’t find anywhere else.

Stop #3: Canada’s Wonderland – Winterfest

Where: Vaughan, ON L6A 1S6. (View Map)

To truly get into the festivities, you need to visit Canada’s Wonderland’s Winter Fest!

Immerse yourself in the enchanting WinterFest at Canada’s Wonderland, where the park transforms into a magical winter wonderland for the whole family.

We had the chance to glide across Snowflake Lake, enjoy live shows, thrilling rides, and be amazed by millions of twinkling lights.

Take a stroll among the hundreds of Christmas trees, including two impressive 50-footers on International Street! And here’s a treat for your taste buds!

Savour the irresistible Snowflake Funnel Cake with vanilla ice cream, encased in a cookies n’ cream shell, adorned with vanilla icing, holiday sprinkles, and marshmallows.

Alternatively, head to Charlie Brown’s Christmas Town for Rudolph’s Funnel Cake, featuring chocolate soft serve on a red funnel cake, drizzled with strawberry sauce, and crowned with a maraschino cherry, just like Rudolph’s nose!

For those craving something hearty, the Smashed Potato Bowls at Season’s Spuds on International Street is perfect for you!

Experience the warmth of massive baked potatoes smashed down and loaded with your choice of toppings: cheese, chives, bacon bits, sour cream, potato chowder, seafood chowder, or beef stew.

It’s the perfect way to enjoy a hot and hearty treat on a cold night! We also have to mention the incredible lineup of signature WinterFest cocktails!

We tried the Eggnog cocktail that came topped with the cutest gingerbread cookie. We recommend you get their Drink and Dining Deals so you can try all these delicious treats throughout the day!

Sunday Bites

Before you head home, why not make one more stop to grab some of the best pastries you’ll ever taste, when we say this next spot is a must-visit…. we mean it!

Stop #1: Bartholomew Bakery

Where: 467 Edgeley Blvd #14, Vaughan, ON (View Map)

Described as a love affair with butter, this artisanal bakery has captured the hearts of the region, evident through the line out the door when we tried to get a glimpse and hands on one of their hand-crafted delicacies. We were greeted with the biggest smile by Micheal one of the owners, he excitedly started to share what we should try. Here are some of the standouts.

We got a dozen and selected the following tray of heaven in a box!

We chose the Pistachio Twice Baked, Espresso Croissant, and one of our favourites was the Red Velvet!

It’s made using dark chocolate and cream cheese frosting rolled in our pain Suisse. Topped with cream cheese and dark chocolate shavings.

And of course, make sure to order a coffee or latte to truly experience the magic of Bartholomew Bakery.

We also recommend you order some of their lunch items like the meat-loaded sandwich, and pizza, and make sure to peruse their freezer for some take-home goodies like their cream pies, cheesecakes, or savoury meat Pies.


You’re all set! We don’t blame you if you grab an extra pastry or two for the road! We hope you enjoy this holiday culinary adventure in Vaughan!

Happy Holidays!

We can’t wait for you to visit Vaughan and ignite your holiday spirit. Cheers!